October 16, 2010

Aloha Fun RAK Changed to: Aloha Fun RAK Swappers....

Ok Gang... For those of you that have been following me, and joining in on the Aloha Fun RAK's monthly, I thank you sincerely! It is a fun and enjoyable ride. I am now thinking about "uping" it, and making it MORE fun for all of us. I've created a "group" on Facebook, called "Aloha Fun RAK Swappers". There are going to be a few changes on how I will operate the Aloha Fun RAK monthly. Recently, there has been "no shows" or "misplaced mail" and even "miscommunication" between RAKer's and myself, and so I have decided that I should take more control on how this monthly RAKin' is being handled, as well as changing it to become more like a SWAP. So please hear me out.... here is how it'll work:

  • Open to ALL to sign up and join. You don't need a Facebook account if you want to join in, you can just comment on where I post the sign up. However, if you would like to view EVERYONE project created, you will need to sign up with Facebook and join the group.
  • There will still be a monthly theme....
  • You must create 5 of the SAME card.
  • Send ALL 5 cards to me, in a plastic bag (ziploc), along with a self address stamped envelope with the stamp being the same amount that you used to mail the entire package to me.
  • Please upload your photos to the Facebook Group, so that everyone in the group can view each others projects.
  • At the time the Swap CLOSES, I will distribute and send out the cards accordingly.
  • You will receive 5 different cards in return.
  • Please have the name of the swap written on the outside of the envie, or the inside on a piece of paper.
So what do you think?? Wanna join the fun?? I am going to take sign ups NOW, for the month of November - the them is "Giving Thanks". My address and all of this info will be posted on the Facebook Group, so that you can always refer to it in case you've misplace it.

I'm excited about this swap....

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