September 21, 2010


Hi Gang!!

Well, things are ok, I am here at my son's school, about to serve lunch. Been trying to get back into the swing of creating. I packed all of my Little C's stamp products, and put them away in a box. I then occupied the drawers which the stamps were in with my own craft products. Slowly, I am getting my craft area reorganized. I want to start working on projects, but don't have table space to do it at the time. Last week, my boys, hubby and I were all stricken with Food Poisoning. Grrrr!! It wasn't a good week for the Young's household. But through prayers, and God's healing hands, we were back to normal within days. It was tough, but we still carried on. I was more sad for my boys, having to see them go through all that vomiting.

With all that going on with Us Youngs, there was something fun for me to look forward to on Saturday. It was my monthly Craftin' Fun Day with the Glama Gurlz, and I've opened it up to the public for other Craftin' Sisters to join the fun. I will have pictures of that day later, and then the adorable project kit we created.

As of right now, I've gotta get back to getting my craft area clean, because I can't seem to get the creativity grove on, when I see piles of "stuff" all over the place. I will have to finish it quickly, because I have to finish up some stuffs for this weekend.

So see ya all real soon!!

Stuffs About Today:
  • Fixing my dining room area from Little C's store, to Jen's "Craft Area".
  • Going to dinner tonight, to hang out and fellowship with my brother and sisters, since my sister Nasha is in town.
  • Can You Believe that my COUGH is still here, not entirely here, but not entirely GONE either. I'm SO over it!!!!

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