September 4, 2010

Michelle n' I on "The Joy of Crafting" Local Crafting Show...

Last Year, my girlfriend, Michelle of Mushi's Creative Inspirations n' I were asked by Cheryl of Life is Sweet, who is also the Sizzix rep here in Hawaii, to come and be on the "Joy of Crafting" local craft show. The show's host, Joy, was looking for local bloggers, who weren't shy about being on camera. Because Michelle n' I were both at home during the time of the shooting, our schedules were able to accommodate the day of the shooting, and everything worked out GREAT!!! I've posted pictures last year, and promised to post the video. Well, I finally got around to it, and permission was granted by Joy for us to post this, so here it is. Thanks for peeking....

Michelle n' I had a great time that day, and our friendship has blossomed since. Joy has asked us to come back again, and we surely agreed that when she does need us to return, we will be there!!!

Be sure to scroll down to view pics of my hubby n' I celebrating our 16th year anniversary!!

Aloha ~ Jen

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