August 2, 2010

Scallop Circle Card

Howdy, here's a card I quickly finished tonight. This image I had already colored. Used my copics to color, and a cut off of "Wild Card" cartridge, using my Cricut.

I also did my nails yesterday - so this is the latest design that I have on them. I kept my nails long {{meaning I didn't get them cut this time}}, and it is taking me a while to type without making mistakes. BTW, these are my real nails, with an overlay of acrylic gel. I am dreading the dishes... but somebody's gotta do it, right? Have a great evening!

Aloha, Jen

Stuffs About Today:
  • Had my nails done yesterday, and was almost late for the Sunday's Worship Team practice. Was getting all antsy in the chair waiting for my nails to hurry up and be finished! Didn't have enough time to do a pedi. Will have to go back sometime this week to do that.
  • Took Cy to the Doctor - recheck. Pau with his coughs - Praise God!! But must continue with allergy meds. At least he ain't coughing no more.
  • Took CY4 to the Ortho, removed wire on upper jaw. Going to take care of some cavities tomorrow.
  • I can now purchase Coconut Water from Don Quijote ($1.69 - $0.40 cheaper than Down To Earth - and much closer to home, so less driving for me = less gas).
  • Feels like I haven't been creating like FOREVER - and need to rejuvenate from the past several days of events: How To Walk, End Times Outreach, Pastor's Leaders Conference and Gramma's 93rd Bday party. Will post pics of Gramma's party SOON!!! Need ICE CREAM!!!

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