August 5, 2010

Projects for Grandma's Birthday Party

Hi guys! I'm going to get my molar pulled today, tooth #30! Grrrr... this tooth has given me nothing but problems, and a huge bill at that. Well, good riddance, and I hope I don't have any problems after pulling this one. Please keep me in your prayers. Not worried about the pulling, but just the sounds n' yanking that is going to freak me a little bit. Please pray for quick healing. Thanks in advance!!!

Today I am sharing with you pics of the projects I created for my Grandma's 93rd birthday... of course you already seen this box that I made to hold the cards she received:

Here is the Guest's sign in sheet - got it off the internet, FREE, and printed:

And here are what I made the favors out of... used Senbei Rice Crackers - purchased from Sam's Club 2 big bags of them....

Then wrapped them with DSP (Autumn Leaves), and printed up a circle frame (Mindy Terasawa), and typed in a thank you note to those that attended. I made 50 of these.

Here's a picture of my Grandma, and a couple of the Senbei Crackers right in front of her..... SWEET!!!!

Have a blessed day!!

Aloha, Jen

Stuffs About Today:
  • Pulling Tooth #30 - My Right Molar! Ugh!!
  • CY4 Testing for Math
  • Cooking Pulled Pork in my Crock Pot today... yummm!!!
  • My niece Sierra turned 22 yesterday!

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