August 16, 2010

Cricut Lite: Sugar n' Spice Cart - Episode 1

Question of the Day: What item in your kitchen was a "must have" at the time of purchase, but yet is hardly ever used?

Hi There! Thanks for popping in... wanted to try something new, and see where this goes. 1st, I plan on having a "Question" each day that I post a project, and you can participate either by commenting here, or on my POM Facebook Fan Page, if you haven't already done so, be sure to add yourself to the page, because I will be doing a giveaway soon for those that add themselves to the FB Fan Page. 2nd, I've created a video of myself creating the project of today. I've seen couple people do this on their blogs, and found it very fun to watch, so hopefully you'll enjoy it as well. This is the 1st Episode on Pieces of Me. The video is fun to make, but the time to edit and such takes a lot of time. But I think it'll be pretty neat to see all the different projects and how they are created.

Anyways, today's project is a Tea Bag Box which I created on the Design Studio to cut on the Cricut Machine. My girlfriend Chalsie actually gave a Tea Bag box to me 2 years ago, and a friend of mines asked me to make some for her customer. So, I wanted to see if it would be easier for me to cut out on the Cricut, and designed it on the DS. My dimensions are slightly smaller than Chalsie's, as I needed to create the box a little smaller to fit on a 12x12 sheet of cardstock. I created 2 sizes, one 5.5" tall, the other 3.5" tall. Both are designed to fit the Lipton Tea Bags. I will have the cut available for purchase and tutorial that will go with it. So stay tuned!! It's going to be my Cricut Online Class for the month of August.

I decorated the box with a lamb cut from the **new** Cricut Lite "Sugar n' Spice" cartridge. These carts supposed to be available exclusively @ WalMart, but I've seen them selling on eBay as well. So you know somebody was able to slide something through somewhere, right?? Anyways, eBay sells them over priced, so beware! Unfortunately, if you aren't able to get them at WalMart, sometimes there's no where else to turn, BUT to eBay - and those sellers are banking on that WM will run out... I just say be patient, and hopefully WM will carry more of the carts you are looking for.

My video shows me cutting from the Cricut, and putting the pieces together, then adhering to the Tea Bag Box. The video is about 3 mins long, there is music, so turn your speakers down if you don't want to be alarmed. Also I speed the video up to cut the time down. Hope you like it!!

My Answer: This Pizza Stoneware thingy I purchased from Pampered Chef. Somehow, I always forget that I have it when I should be using it. Maybe I've gotta put it somewhere where it would be easily spotted, huh??

Stuffs About Today:
  • Took CY4 to the dentist - took care of his bottom cavity
  • Visited ManLe of Pineapple Cove, picked up the iRock, excited to check it out!! She also blessed me with a bag of goodies! Thanks sweetie!!
  • Went to PretzelMaker n' got pretzel bites... gosh, I forgot how yummy these tasted! With my TMJ, it is still difficult to enjoy. But I was able to get 2 down. =0}
  • Today I was notified that I was going to be in Cricut's Newsletter as a Customer Spotlight for one of my projects! WoooWeee!!! I was totally stoked!! Will share more about this later when I have more details.

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