August 18, 2010

Tall Window Treat Boxes: August's Cricut Project of the Month:

*Question of the Day: Have you ever stayed in your PJ's ALL day on a day that you weren't sick?*


Well hello crafters!! Happy Wednesday to ya! Today I am debuting my "Cricut Project of the Month - August". In previous posts, I have been referring to it as "August Cricut Class", but never really got a grasp on what I really wanted to call it. Finally, while talking on the phone with Rina yesterday, I said it, "August Circut Project of the Month". I pray that I will be able to bless you every month with a new Cricut Project. Now unfortunately, I do not have a video for you on this project, as this was another project that I've created before deciding on doing videos, so I hope you are not disappointed. However, I do want to introduce you to this upcoming digital image company called called Rianna & Me Designs. The illustrator, Ruth, is a local girl who lives here in the State of Hawaii, and this is the 1st of her images that she allowed me to play with. I met her through Renae of Two Scoops Rice Designs, and we're connected through Facebook! I'm blessed and honored that Ruth allowed me to play with this digi image, and I can see myself using this image more, with other projects I have in mind. At the moment, there is no name for this image, other than "Ruth's Cow"... LOL! But stay tuned, more images will be released soon, and I'm sure she'll come up with a name that is fitted just for this one.

The project of the month is called a "Window Treat Box". It comes in 2 sizes. One which is 5.5" tall, the other 3.5" tall. I have 2 cut file formats available - DS .cut file, and .gypsy cut file, for each size. At the moment I have the cut files and a tutorial that comes with it for the Tall Window Treat Box. I am working on the tutorial for the Short Window Treat Box, and a sample as well - so I will be posting that up in a couple of days. The box is pretty big and can easily store a bunch of candies in them. The box that I am showing here is the Tall Window Treat Box @ 5.5" tall, and it holds 1 bag of Hershey Kisses, and I tossed in some Dove Milk Chocolates in there too, so this thing is mighty hefty filled. I am keeping this box next to my computer station for emergency breakdown purposes!! The other treat box with the pineapple window, went to my girl, Ms. Rina, for her birthday. Filled it with some Snickers snack bites, and viola' - an awesome treat box!! The best thing about this project, is that you can change the window design to anything that you have using any design from any other Cricut cartridge. It is ENDLESS!!

For this project, you will need the George cartridge, Design Studio program or Gypsy and a Cricut X, double stick tape and acetate (for the window). I am selling the cut file together with a step-by-step PDF format tutorial for $3.95. Without the tutorial, you can get the cut file of your format choice for $2.50. Please note: The digital image is NOT included in this project.

Click here to purchase this month's Cricut Project of the Month's "Tall Window Treat Box" (w/Tutorial)...

Well, I hope you like this month's Cricut Project of the month. I will have the Short Window Treat Box available soon!!

For tomorrow, I have POM-Episode 2 video ready for ya. Can't wait... I had a lot of fun creating that one.

My Answer to the QOD: Sure, it happens.....

Before I go, I'd like to share a pic of my lil' doggie Ceasar... he's such a sweetie, I love to squish him all the time!!! This pic shows him relaxing on the top of the sofa - he's our cat-dog!

Have a blessed day!!


Stuffs About Today:
  • Hot & Humid
  • Took Cy out in the yard for a bit, then to the garage to ride his bike. It sure was sticky out there.
  • Count down to back to school for the kids... I better start "pre-posting" projects, as I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with my projects when school is back in session. Pray that I survive this!!
  • Happy Birthday to my brother, Robert!! He's 39 years old today!!
  • Happy Birthday to my buddy, Kyle... as well

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