July 14, 2010

New Image Day & How I Store My Cricut Carts...

In an attempt to use any new images that I've purchased, I'm trying to use a new image at LEAST once a week - yes, kinda like my Cricut situation. LOL! I'm talking digital, or rubber stamp images and oh boy, you know there are a lot out there.

The image that I used in today's project is a digital image called "Fairy Kiki" which I purchased from Mo's Digital Pencil Too!. Gosh, she's got some cute n' funny illustrations, and if you'd like to purchase them in rubber form, you can do that too!

This fairy looks like a little baby girl, and I thought it was tooo cute to pass up. She is my 1st purchase with Mo. I colored her, with my copics, and left her on my table. Then a cup of Pepsi spilled over, and it went all over my image. At first, I was going to trash the image, but I was bummed that I did such a good job coloring her, and really didn't want to toss it. After it dried off, I thought that the cola gave it a nice but dull look, and I liked it. LOL!! So a NEW Technique was formed. Nah, I doubt that I'm going to use that technique again tho. LoL!!!

Well, here was this image, and it was soaked with Pepsi juice... now what to do with it? I decided to cover a box that a Bible I purchased came in, and recycle the box by using it as a Cricut Cartridge holder. It was a perfect fit!! So I have all my carts here, and I write the name of the cart on the top of the cartridge, so that I can easily see what it's name is. I also put them in alphabetical order. Now, before you go off thinking, "geez, she can do that cause she's a stay-at-home-mom with free time on her hand"... believe me... it took me A WHILE to get all these carts together, and put them in alphabetical order. I think it took me several days, because in between I had stuffs to do, and those took priority first. Organizing is so much fun to do, when I am FINALLY doing it, but when I'm not, it takes me awhile to get it even started.

Now that you've seen how I store my carts, you're probably wonderin' how I store my manuals. Well, I have those in a basket as well, in alphabetical order, and within the manual, I have the overlay inside. Yep!! That's right, I no longer keep them in the boxes, because 1) the boxes takes up tooo much space, and 2) it makes it easier for me to access them. I still have the box for each cartridge, but I am thinking of a way to utilize that box, possibly dress it up, and make it look all purdy!! One day, I will get around at doing that.

The DSP that I've used on the top of this box is Martha Stewart, and the ones on the sides I believe are DCWV. The flowers were a gift from my fellow Little C's Diva - Maria, from Stampin' Inspirations. I used one of those gigantic jewels for the middle. Found a bunch of them while cleaning out my area for Cy's bed.

Yesterday, I took my kids to the beach. It was such a long but fun-filled day. We went to Ala Moana. Got there at 9:45 am, the sun was nice n' warm. But towards 1 pm... acckkkk!! The sun suddenly became scorching HOT! LOL... it was surely time to GO! Well, that was our 2nd field trip of the Summer. Now to think up what we shall do next week. Thinking of doing a picnic. That would be nice.

Alrighty then, that's all I have for now. Have a great rest of the week. Be blessed!!!

Big Hugs n' Aloha,


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