June 24, 2010

Mini Milk Cartons & Carrier - DS & GYPSY Cut Files

Gail, a blog reader mines sent me an adorable Mini Milk Carton with an adorable holder that came with it. Then I saw that Claudie had a couple of them on her blog here and here, and wanted to copy-cat it, but create it on the Cricut. So after some fun calculations, I was able to use the George cart to make these cute n' simple milk cartons & carrier. I made this one for my girlfriend, Susan. Remember the one that is going to run a marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation in Seattle's Rock n' Roll Run? I wrote about her about 3 months ago or so... anyways, she is finally going to go, she was able to reach her goal of $4,600 and MORE!!! Such a blessing!! See how prayer works?!?!?! Awesome, isn't it?!?! Well, this was my little gift to her to wish her well... I filled the milk cartons with Chocolate Candies - for ENERGY!!! She supposed to use it after her run. She already mentioned to me that she tried some of them out, and they were so yummy for her tummy!! =0} You Go Girl!!

I wanna make more of these adorable milk cartons, the Cricut makes it so easy to just cut, and then with the scores already in place, I can just score. To hold the carton tops close, I punch 2 holes, and ran ribbon through them. The sentiment that I used is a stamp that was given to me by my girlfriend, Colleen. It says, "Rejoice In The Lord"... Thanks girl!!

This Mini Milk Carton set can be purchased already cut n' ready to fill for those that would like this set and just don't have the time to make it.

I then wrapped in cellophane to present my gift to her.

Have a blessed Thursday!! May the Lord be with You!
God Bless!

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