May 19, 2010

CY4's Birthday Card from Cy-Cy & Pics, A SCAL Cut: Oswald

Good Morning Wednesday, All!! I hope you are having a grand ol' week. It's been hot n' muggy here in Hawaii, and although I love the sun, I don't love how together with Hawaiian air, it makes me sweat!! I sweat in places I've never knew sweat glands existed on my body! LOL!! But Praise the Lord, because at least I can sweat, right?

Alright, today's post is a card creation that I help my little 5 yr old, Cy, create for his big brother, CY4 who turned 14 this past Saturday. Cy loves the cartoon "Oswald", which is a cute Octopus, that is so friendly n' lovable to all his friends, I guess kinda like how CY4 is, so Cy picked the perfect character for his brother. Anyways, I found the background image on the net, printed it on white cardstock, found the above Oswald image along with his doggie friend, and printed them both out. I then cut them out, and attached foam tape to the backs, and Cy placed them where he wanted them to be on the card. He did a great job, didn't he?

Then for the inside part of the card, I created a cut file of Oswald, using my SCAL program. I cut the shade in black, but I should've done it in a darker blue. =0)

I cut the image on my Cricut, and had it "pop up" when the card opened. Check out Cy's message to his big bro. So Cute! His brother could pretty much figure out what the message said, but he asked Cy what he wrote anyways, and it was so cute that Cy was translating his card to his big brother!!

Here are some pics we took on CY4's birthday.... in the morning, we had breakfast @ the Original Pancake House:

This is a bouncing head Zebra that Cy gave to CY4:

For dinner, we took our son out to enjoy a tasty steak dinner at DK's Steakhouse in Waikiki... Black n' Blue Ahi for Appetizers.... YUMM!!!!:

Our Steak Dinners....
My 3 Handsome Buddies... I {heart} them... **sigh**
My Cutie Pa-tuties pose with me...

Birthday Boy w/Daddy

Well, have a blessed Hump Day today! Thanks for taking some time to check me out. Tomorrow, I am planning on having a **new** game for some fun giveaway again. So stop on by and see what it is, that's if you're up for the fun!!

Download Oswald SCut File Here
Download Oswald Layer 1 SVG Cut File Here
Download Oswad Layer 2 SVG Cut File Here