April 5, 2010

I'm a Gurrlie Girl Fashion Consultant....

Hey All... just wanted to let ya know that I am now a Gurrlie Girl Fashion Consultant. Here is a brief intro on Gurrlie Girl products.

Gurrlie Girl™: Where fun, fashion, and faith meet.

Gurrlie Girl is fun because of the many exciting selections available to you and our Fashion Consultants! Hold a Gurrlie Girl Special Event and discover how enjoyable the experience of getting together with friends, family co-workers, and meeting new individuals can be!

Gurrlie Girl is fashion because you'll find we have today's trendy styles at the most affordable prices! Our Fashion Consultants bring exclusive cutting edge designs in Christian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories to your home, workplace, or special event.

Gurrlie Girl is faith because we're a Christian based business. We enjoy showing off our large selection of Scripture Bracelets and Cross Necklaces. Customers are finding that our exclusive jewelry is not only appealing but appropriate for sharing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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To request a catalog, post a comment here with your contact info, or send me an email to littlecs7@gmail.com.