April 22, 2010

A Cute Popsicle Card: DS & GYPSY Cut Files and Pics from recent Glama gathering

Every month, my girlfriends n' I, a.k.a the "Glama Gurlz" get together to create, eat and talk stories. It fun to fellowship with each other, and find out what each has been up to. For the month of April, our Sister Jodie shared with us on how to color with Copics. She is who I learned from, and I am so grateful to her for that. I thank the Lord for his blessings of talents upon Ms. Jodie!!!

During the Glama Gurlz gathering, I also had out my Gurrlie Girl products for all to check out and try on. Everyone loved the sparkles and shines of the jewelry presented, as well as the purses and shirts that were available. We didn't have a material to layout beneath the products, so Barb decided to lay down some white paper instead, and that worked out just fine!! I was planning on having the gathering in my garage, but I was in a rush in getting things set up, that I settled for doing it indoors. Everything worked out great though, thanks to Barb for calming my nerves that day.

Barb keeps me going. She makes sure that I am focused and that I am fueled with Pepsi. LOL!! Not to mention all the teeny-weeny details that I may forget to do. So glad to have her by side during those days. I always enjoy the company of all the other ladies that attend as well. It's such a blessing to have these ladies part of my creative life.

For the GG's, I had 2 projects for them to create, one of which I shared on this post, and the other a Popsicle Card shown below. As Jodie continued to share her coloring techniques with some, the others created the projects that I had for them to do.

At each gathering, we do a "$5 Swap" of goodies. Not NEW goodies, but just goodies you have lingering around that you don't plan on using, or perhaps have more than 1 of. It's fun to do, because you feel like your "non-used" items are now going to a "good-use" purpose. If you don't end up using it, then you can always put it back in a swap again. Hopefully it's 1st sender doesn't receive it back, huh? Naw, but it's all in good fun. We also have yummie yumms at the gatherings. Jenny here brought us Red Velvet Cupcakes from Starbucks. What an expensive treat!!! Thanks Jenny!!

I didn't get a chance to jump in on any of the pictures. Hopefully at the next session I will. I always forget to get my camera out when we're having so much fun, and of course there are some of those that don't want to be on the web.

Well, here is the project that I had them do. I cut the Popsicle card on my Cricut X, using my DS program to make the card. I have both the DS and GYPSY Cut Files available (scroll down for download links), and the image that I used is Kiki Cupcake from Little C's. She is colored with Copics, and she's soooo adorable. As for the card itself, you could make it any "flavor" that you want, by simply changing the colors of the cardstock. So if you create with this cut, keep in mind that it isn't limited to just 1 flavor, I hope you try out many flavors, esp with Summer right around the corner!!! Yeeee..... I can't wait for summer!!!!

Cart Used: Doodlecharm

Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy your day today. Have fun with this cut file.

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I have 5, all dogs... they are (from oldest to youngest): Ehu (girl), Spottie or "Pup-Pup", Ceasar, Camille or "Cami" (girl) n' ChrisJen