April 29, 2010

"Church Fan" Cut Request: A Design Studio & GYPSY Cut File

Good Morning! Got up this morning, checked out the Cricut Message Board, and saw that a member was looking for someone that had or can make a "Church Fan". I was up for the challenge!! =0) I used George cart, and made it for the 6 x 12 mat, but can also be used on the larger mats as well, all you need to do is change the mat size. I also saved file as a GYPSY file, so those that have the GYPSY can cut these (Did you know that if you own a MAC you can use the GYPSY and it works like the Design Studio? - Cool Huh???), She plans to attach a handle to this fan. If you want less scallops, simply delete what you don't want.

Download DS Cut File Here

Download GYPSY Cut File Here