April 23, 2010

Card for Monthly Swap and Updated Photos of Herbs planted During Spring Break

Happy Aloha Friday!!! What a blessing the weather today is, isn't it? Of course I'm talking about those that are living here in Hawaii.... This morning, I went out to meet up with my Christian Sisters, for our weekly fellowship. **Sigh** we sang unto the Lord, praises, singing out loud, at the top of our lungs - LOL!! There is just the 3 of us, but we are able to carry our voices out into the park, and let the entire group of kids and adults hear our praises to the Lord. The kids are all home schoolers who get together for P.E! How cool is that?!

Anyways, driving over to my destination this morning, I was just thanking the Lord along the way, for His wonderful weather, His beautiful natural surroundings, and for giving me the capability of senses to capture and take all that is around me, all in.

Speaking of His beautiful natural surroundings, here is a card created with one of His natural creations. This flower is called "Echinacea" - it is a digital image from KLM Designs. The embossed panel is actually embossed with an embossing "border" from Cuttlebug. I embossed it twice, right next to each other, so that it made a larger border. The flower I added some "Fun Flock" to it's middle to give it a little "fluff". When you touch it, it is light n' fluffy!! I used my Copic markers to color this image.

This project is actually for a monthly card swap that I joined with a local group here. Each month, we set a theme as to what we are to create with, and then swap with one another. There was only 4 of us in the group. I say "was" because the group is now "pau". But I'll be looking for a new group to start up a swap with again, just need to pray on it, and make sure that I go in the right direction.

Oh Yay... Summer is right around the corner. I can't wait til' the summer days are here, the kids'll be on vacation, and then they'll be attending Vacation Bible Study (or VBS), and then we'll have the rest of the entire summer to be together, hang out and cruise!! I have to think up things to do. Last year, although we did a lot of things, I believe this year, we can do even MORE!!!

One of the things I definitely want to continue to do, is to watch and observe the growth of the plants that we planted in the Spring. Cy and I planted Herbs, and Tomatoes... I promised that I'd keep you all posted on the growth of these plants, and so here are some pictures of the herbs that were planted in the blue containers, as you can see the growth of them through the pictures that I've taken daily. Tomorrow I will share some pics of the Tomato plants.

Herb #1 (at 1st sprouts)


Herb #2 (at 1st sprout)


Herb #1 & #2 TodayOkie dokie... have an awesome weekend in the Lord!!! Love one another as you would Love yourself...

God Bless... In Jesus' Name!!!