March 13, 2010

Sample of my Bunny Basket & REVISED Cut File too!

Ok, so here it is, the sample of my Bunny Basket. I took pics, so that I can share with you how to put it together.... I thought it turned out pretty cute. For those of you that downloaded the cut file, you might want to download it again, because I adjusted the basket part a lil' bit.

Click here to download the cut file.

Cartridges required: George & Doodle Charms. These cuts are on sheet 1 & 2. These 2 cuts will make the basket. I cut it on tan Bazzill Basic card stock.

Following the score marks on each cut, I score them accordingly.

After scoring, I will place the piece like a "+".. see next photos for placement of double stick tape.

Placement of adhesive:

After placing the adhesive, and putting the basket together, it'll look like this:

Now to work on the bunny... I cut out the pieces from sheet #3. On the top 1-6 inches, I use a white Grace Pacific card stock, on the bottom 6-12 inches, I cut on pink DSP. I also cut a strip of black CS, which'll be used for behind the eyes of the bunny.

I attached the pinks (ears and nose), the black strip on the back of the bunny's eyes. I use my black sharpie pen to draw in the mouth and whiskers (these lines are already there, because it is part of the cut, you're simply "highlighting" these colors). I draw 3 lines on the smaller circles, these'll be the paws of my bunny.

When complete, and with paws in place, it'll look like this....

Now to attach to the basket. Place the adhesive to the box like this, and then add the head and bum to the other side.

After adhering the bum, I add a cotton ball to it.

I add some goodies to the inside of the basket to show how it looks with something in it.

Here is the complete project:
I hope you enjoy this fun cut, just in time for Easter. It's cute, but don't forget the REAL reason for the season.... Jesus, that is. It is the time when God sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, for you and me, so that His son could be the lamb of all sacrifices for all of our sins. It is the time when Jesus rose from the dead and proved Himself to many people that He has risen. There was no bunny passing out eggs & candies. As it gets closer to Easter, I will share with you about how the "hunting of eggs/goodies" tie in with Jesus' last days before His crucifixion. I pray that you would be blessed with this information.


God Bless...