March 9, 2010

March Aloha RAK Sign Ups....

Hey all... here are the sign ups so far for the month of March. Tomorrow will be the deadline for the sign ups, and then I will match everyone up. If you've signed up and do not see your name, please email me and let me know. If you haven't already sent me your mailing addy, please do so as well. If you've signed up with my Aloha RAK before, no need to send me your addy, as I already have it. If you would like to sign up for this month's RAK, please click here and comment.

  1. Angie
  2. Flossie
  3. Gail Woo
  4. Colleen K
  5. Mary B
  6. Jayne C
  7. Chris D
  8. Anne S
  9. Ilissa
  10. Jen
  11. Kim
  12. Jovita
Great to see the names of these faithful participants... =0) Ok, we have space for a little more!! Be sure to invite your other crafty friends too!!

If you're playing and would like to help spread the word, copy & paste this button on to your blog or part of your siggy: