March 11, 2010

How I Did It - Water Color Step By StepRachelle Ann Miller Bears

Here are step-by-step photos on how I colored this image using water color pencils. I posted this card about a week ago, and promised that I'd post step-by-step pics of how it was done. So, here they are....

1) Stamp the image using black ink, I like to use Black Memento ink, the card stock I used is Grace Pacific (can be found @ Wal Mart - office section), also can be purchased in bulk from Sam's Club. I also show in this image the water blender pen that I'm going to use to blend my colors. Fill to it's desired content.

2) The pencil there is actually a water color pencil. I like to lay it in front of my image, like a "palette" and with the blender pen, I simply "grab" the color from the pencil (you can see that the color is on the tip of my brush.

3) I then color in the areas of which I would like the colors to be on my image.

4) When done with the choice of color, I simply clean off my brush tip by swiping it on to another piece of paper.

5) I then repeat steps 2-4 until I am done with my coloring of the entire image.

Here is the image all colored in. Now to decorate my card....

All done....

Hope you are having a blessed day today!!!

Big Hugs,

Today's Verse:

A rebuke impresses a man of discernment more than a hundred lashes a fool.
Proverbs 17:10 (Read all of Proverbs 17)