March 8, 2010

BRAK's From Family n' Friends

Here are some Birthday RAK's I received from talented family n' friends, thank you all who made my day oh-s0-special! I'm blessed to have you all in my life!! Big Big Hugs and Mahalos!!!

From Colleen:

Love her adorable card.... isn't it so cute?
some goodies she sent along with her card...
From Gina:

Check out the braided ribbon on her card. Gina saw a video on how to make that braided ribbon a couple of weeks ago, and she n' I played around and made some, she did a great job on her braid!! Love them paper pieces too....

From my SIL, Ida:

Ida moved to WA this past winter. I'm so thrilled that she is getting back into the creating of things.

From my girl, Teri-Berrie:

Love how this card opens up and looks so fancy....

So neat, huh?! Teri-Berrie also included a Starbuck's GC for me, so that I can indulge in some Caramel Machiattos... yummm!!!

and from my bodyguard n' sistah, Michelle.... =0)~

A Vera Bradley coin purse... very shabby chic like, eh?!
and then some created goodies....

So dahling this paper pad holder...
The card above is actually a pull out card, where when I pull on the ribbon, out comes something special.. and I got a GC to Queen Nails, where just so happen I get my nails done at... Thanks girl... I went n' got my nails n' toes done, and me sooo happy.... take a lookie:

Thanks again, Sisters, for blessing me with all these goodies!! I appreciate all that you are and all that you do! God Bless!!!


PS>> Please pray for my Brother in Christ, Jesse, who is currently in Afghanistan. His camp was attacked yesterday. Praise God that no Americans were harmed, yet it is still a scary feeling, and some Afghans were injured. Also pray for our US and Foreign country soldiers, as well as their families who are worried about them. We don't think about how hard it is for these soldiers to protect our country, or the families that are left behind in worries. We are always worried about our own worries... but for a few minutes, let's take some time to ask God to bless our world, and bless these soldiers who are trying to keep it safe. God Bless you all!!