March 20, 2010

Box With Bracket Window - A DS Cut File

Here is another box that I created on the Design Studio - this one has a window so that you can adhere an acetate to it and allow it's receiver to peek into what is yummy inside. I used the same template from the box I created like the Sizzix #2 Box. I then added a flap that closes for the top side of the box, and a bracket window. I then cut the same bracket with another bracket within it so that I could have a "frame" around my bracket window. Or just use your imagination and use any other cut to create a window for you.

The image that I used for this project is from Dandelions Designs, DSP is DCWV, it was thick enough to use for this box.

The cartridge that I used for this cut file is George. You will need this cartridge, along with the Design Studio program in order for you to open and cut this cut file. I have had several emails letting me know that they aren't able to open the cut file, and it's because they don't have the program. Sorry!!! You need the program, as well as the **SAME** cartridge that I've used. Otherwise, the file will not work. I know, bummerz!!!

My image was colored with Copic pens... yes, sorry, I'm still in the "non-blending mode". I used a darker mustard on the monkey, unfortunately, she looks kinda yellow-mellow to me. I gave this yummy box to a friend of mines, and because he's a guy, I'm pretty sure he didn't really look at the image too closely **like WE would (use crafters at least)**. He was just happy to have chocolate for his birthday. =0)

You can download the Cut File here. Or go to my sidebar, and click on "Design Studio Downloads" under "quick Links" for this cut file as well as others.

Have an awesome day in the Lord!!
God Bless,

Today's verse: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15 (NIV)