March 29, 2010

Aloha Fun RAK Projects - March 2010

Sorry so late! I was having problems with uploading pics to my blog this morning, and quickly found out that I needed to download and install the new Picasa software. If you are having problems as well, try going to and installing their newest download, it helped me, so thought I'd put it out there, maybe it'll help someone else as well.

Here are the projects that were created by some of the participants of the Aloha FUN RAK - March 2010. I've left out the names of who the creators are, only so that it doesn't spoil the fun of it's receiver.

The theme for the month of March was "Pink, Brown n' White". Look at all the cute projects these RAKr's came up with. Their receivers will be thrilled!!! It's ok if you didn't get to send me a picture of your project for the month of March, don't worry about sending it. Rather, if you sign up for the month of April, try and remember then to send a picture.

Aren't these great?!.....

Are YOU ready to play along in April? If so, come on and sign up here.