February 26, 2010

Cricut Basic & Cupcake Basket Cut File and All Kinda Cupcake Finds....

Happy Friday!! It's Freebie Friday here on Pieces of Me...and guess what today is?! It's my birFday!!! I'm 37 today... weee hoooo!!!

Ok, please sing with me... "LA-LA-LA-LAAAAAH....HAPPY BIRfDAY TO ME... HAPPY BIRfDAY TO ME... HAPPY BIRfDAY DAY DEAR JEN-JENNNN.... HAPPY BIRf DAY TO ME!!!! AND MANY MORE...." Doesn't this birfday cupcake cake look so darling?! Ok, pretend that it's mines (minus the "1" at the top of it).

Ok now that's outtah the way.... today I have 2 freebie DS cut files to share with you, and the theme is - what else...CUPCAKE!!!!. But first, a "Basic Basket" cut. It is a cut that will allow you to basically create any type of basket you'd want to make, simply by cutting and piecing the basket, and then cutting your choice of die cut(s), and adhering the die to the sides of the basket, don't forget to cut a 1-1/2" strip to make your handle. I will do a post of just that alone on a later day. You can find this cut by clicking on the "Design Studio Cut FIles" link located under "Quick Links" on the upper left sidebar.

Today, I have the Cupcake Basket Cut that I would like to also share with you. But I have a sample here for you to see what it looks like when pieced together. I love these because they are easy to create, and fun to fill!!

I used a red button for the cherry and sticklez to add glitz to the topping. I took a white pen and drew in the lines of the cup part of the cupcake. =0) The cartridges that I used for this cut file was George and Mini Monograms. You will also need the Design Studio and Cricut Machine in order for you to view and cut these cut files I am putting on here. The strip again is just a piece of 1-1/2" strip of cardstock and then connected at each edge. You can find these 2 cuts again by clicking on the "Design Studio Downloads" link. They are listed under "Baskets".

**Updated 5/1/10: Added GYPSY Cut File - download cut file under "Gypsy Cut File" link located on blog sidebar.**

Now here are some cupcake images which I've found throughout the web.....

Hamburger Cupcakes - they look so petite n' cute and yummy to eat!!

Doggie Cupcakes... WAAYYY Too Much Frosting For ME!!

Bookmark Cupcakes... Of course! Because when I read, I'm always munching on something - and a cupcake ain't so bad to munch on while reading!!!

Behold... a Cup Cake Holder, called "Cup-A-Cake".... I don't need one of these, they'd never go to good use, since my tummy would always cup my cupcakes!!

Darling Cupcake Charms.... from Dazzle & Chunk (they have a whole lota variety of cupcake charms to drool over!).
Pool Ball Cupcakes... pretty neat, huh?!

Very interesting.... Brain Cupcakes... now it was RED frosting, would've been more realistic!

Thought these Cupcake Outfits were interesting enough to add...
She's adorable....

She doesn't look too happy about wearing this Cupcake outfit....

Have a Blessed Friday and a WONDERFUL Weekend... I will see ya all back here on Monday!!!

God Bless....

Today's Verse:

"Do everything in love".
1 Corinthians 16:14 (Read all of 1 Corinthians 16)