January 8, 2010


I ended up getting my nails n' toes done. Yes, I had my toes done too... I found out that those "fungus" were actually BRUISES after all. I might've gotten them bruised because my toe nails were long, and maybe when I wore pumps or perhaps kicked something. I must've been mad to have to kick with both foot. LOL!! Anyways, I got them done, and how nice it was to sit relax, and just be waited on.

I also found out that my girlfriend's mom who we prayed for a couple of days ago, has also passed away. Sorry for all the news of death this year. What a start to 2010, huh?! But your prayers worked!! She went peacefully, and her family is at peace to know that she is no longer going to suffer the pain and the disease. Praise God, Thank You for all your prayers!! Please continue to pray for my girlfriend and her family, to give them strength during this time of mourning, and for comfort as well.

Ok, today is like the 1st day that I'm actually at home alone, so I've got to get my mind focus on cleaning up around here. I'm having crafting withdrawals. I'll post pics of my nails n' toe nails later.