January 7, 2010


Hi Gang!! I have been quite busy during the last couple of days. CY4 went back to school on Wednesday, and since school is back in session, I am serving our Lord by helping at Cy's school (my Kinder boy) during the lunch hours. I enjoy seeing these kids, they surely emit the sunshine and beauty that God has given us, and He reminds me daily. =0)

I have been working on some orders, one of them a handmade order, which happens to be a diaper cake!! I love making diaper cakes, they are so fun to make, and I love that I can shop for all these lil' things that go with it that are baby items, even tho' I'm not the one having a baby. Babies are fun to shop for, aren't they? I'll be delivering the diaper cake today, and I hope I'll have some time later to post the pics of the diaper cake.

I'll also be doing a fill on my nails today. I can't do a pedi because guess what? I've got fungus in both big toes!!! Oh My Word!!!! This is the first time that this has happened to me. I didn't even notice it, because I had nail polish on them both. Until on one of them, the polish chipped off, and bruise like color was peeking thru.... I quickly got the acetone, and removed the nail polish. Found that both toes on my right and left looked like it was bruised. (I was going to post a picture... but I had 2nd thoughts...lol!!!). Anyways, so no pedi's for me until I can get the fungus completely removed. Please pray for my toes to heal quickly....

Before I end, here's some things I'd like to request prayer for. (BTW, I will be requesting for prayer(s) at the ending of all my postings...) my girlfriend's step-father passed about 3 weeks ago, and has recently lost her mother. Please pray for comfort and peace on her heart, as well as her family and friends that are not only suffering once, but twice the death of people close to their hearts in less than a month.

Also, today marks the 17th Anniversary of the death of my hubby's best friend, Darrin Cayetano. Who was an Officer, off duty at the time, killed by a drunken driver on H3. Please pray for Darrin's family as they remember his death today, as though it had just happened. Please pray for comfort on his family, and that may the joy of the Lord bring both families peace that only He alone can.

Thanks again, Sweeties...
Will be back soon!!