December 3, 2009

The Chaos Of Crafting During The Christmas Holidays

Hello my friends.... hows everybody doing!?!? Going nutz, yet?! I am... with all that is going on, woooo hoooo, what a whirlwind of festivities we have going on. This is the busiest month of the year for me, how about you? If you agree, raise your both hands. S-T-R-E-T-C-H back.... ok, now that you've stretched out those muscles, let's continue... December has always been crazy for me... but, I think this month has GOT TO top the scale!! I have Christmas Craft Fairs every weekend, and then when I get home from those fairs, I have Christmas parties to attend. Companies that work together with my hubby invites him, and fortunately, I get to attend with him. What a blessing it is to be busy n' crazy this time of year - it just tells me one thing - that I am truly blessed to have all this whirlwind, because if I didn't, I'd be sitting around twittling my thumbs, and I don't know how my Adult ADHD would handle THAT!!!

Ok so this past weekend, we had our Glama Gurlz gathering. I decided on sharing with the ladies the use of Fun Flock. Gosh, I haven't use these things since back when I first started stamping, and I thought everybody would've known how to use it, or at least heard about it. Well, no joke, some of my stamping sisters was like, "what is THAT?!"... of course, we not going buy stuffs if we don't know how to use it, right? So, at first, Barb n' I purchased the entire set to collect. But when they came in (26 bottles), I told Barb, "We bettah use 'em for something, or these just going collect dust". So I figure the next GG gathering, I should show everybody how it's used.

That's just what I did. I took a couple of CC Designs images, and used my Fun Flock on them. It was so much fun and so easy to use.

This 1st image that I used the FF on is called "Nora" - I know her outfit is kinda "kapakahi" (messed up), uncoordinated in colors, but I was just trying to show the GG's how the FF would look when it is directly applied, opposed to having the image colored prior to FFing. Nora's coat has FF applied directly to it, but her boots I colored prior to adding the FF, so it still looks nice n' fuzzy, but it has a darker tint because I used a pen to color underneath it. For the outfits that I put FF on, I colored with regular markers. For her face n' hair, I colored with my copics. Not sure if blending would be able to see if I FF over it. But didn't want to waste my copics, just incase. I'll try using copics on another image later, and then find out.

This 2nd image is "Santa Brigitta" - she's sooooo adorable, ya?! I just love these cute CC Designs. Ya, if Little C's don't sell out, a lot of my stamping sisters will be receiving them as Christmas Gifts. LOL.... And if you're one of them sisters that is wondering "WHAT?! It'll be tooo late to receive this image AFTER Christmas - then here's an idea "THANK U CARDS"... LOL.... Nah, but I know all my Stamping Sisters are grateful when it comes to me giving them something from my store, at least the ones that I'm close to... what a blessing it is to have each and everyone of them in my life....

Ok, back to my image, you can see how I put arrows with writings inside to say which was colored prior to FFing and which I applied FF directly. How's my nails?!?! Compliments of Ms Lena at Pearl Highland's Queen Nails (this is a PLUGG!!!)...Oops! Sorry, ok back to my flocking... You can totally see the difference with this one, because the Lt Pink FF on Nora is very subtle, but the red on Brigitta's dress looks almost transparent because the Red FF is a lot darker. But look at her velvety hat... so yummy, huh?!?! Her socks I applied the FF directly. Her hair kinda looks like I FF'd it too, doesn't it?! But I didn't... I think it's just the way the markers made her hair look.

After the GG's left, I put this card together. The sentiment is from Hero Arts, the Scallop Circle was punched out with an EK Success brand, DSP is from TAC. I faux stitched the edges, with an American Craft marker. Oh, and the red dots on the Scallop circle is Copics Spica Sparklie Red pen. Buttons are from my stash. The embossed background is "Swiss Dots" from Cuttlebug.

Ok, stay tune for more FF used on my projects. Debating if I should bring these in to sell... debating, debating.... well, at least all GG's that attended decided on purchasing a set of their own... tooo funny!!! Now we're all going to have FF to add to our collection of collections.

Well, gotta go... time to wake up my lil' one to start his day.

Have a beautiful day, no stress!!