December 8, 2009

Baby Invitations & A Little Note About Thanking Someone Who Is Always There For You...

Good Morning Friends...

What a beautiful day it is here in Hawaii. I put up some solar lights for my walkway on the side of my house. I only got up 4 this morning. I put them up as I was doing the laundry. I tell ya, I cannot just do one thing, and finish it completely, I end up doing something else. So the laundry went into the house, and is sitting in the basket while I did the solar lights. I hope they work well, if they do, I'm heading back to Walmart and picking up more to complete the garden. HAH! I hope they don't sell out. =0)

Ok, today's project, I have the Baby Invites that I did for my niece. It is computer generated, and the butterfly I cut out with my Cricut. I made about 50 invites, so it was so easy to cut the butterflies with my Cricut, which took less than 5 minutes to cut all 50. The printing is printed on pink velum, and I used my laser printer for it. The ribbon is light pink grosgrain ribbon, which I picked up for super cheap - I think it was 50 yards for $7. I forget though from where at.

The craft fair this weekend at Mililani was good fun. Rose (my best friend from High School) sat next to me and had her own booth selling her sand-blasted glass containers. Soooo pretty. I will post pictures later. If you want to check her out, she will be at the Moanalua High School craft fair this weekend. I won't be able to attend that one, however, Rose will have some of my handmade items for sale.

My stamping sister Barb was there with me as well, helping me sell my stuffs. Barb is super sweet to always help me to do anything. Whether it is for craft fairs, glama gurlz events, and even family gatherings, Barb is always included and always there for me. I'm soooo grateful for having a sweet loving and most definitely a giving friend like her to give her time to be with us. Do you have someone in your life like Barb?! I bet we all do... don't forget to thank that person, it's always nice to be recognized and not the kine where you tell everybody at the party "Barb was the one that helped me - so thank her..."... lol... not like THAT... the sincere kind of thanking, where only you and her are together, give her a sweet sincere hug, and sincerely say it with all your heart, how important she is to you and your family, or for you to have her in your life. My hubby and I always tell Barb how much we love her, and how much she means to us. That really is all that a person needs to hear. She doesn't expect anything back, and a hug is sooo worth a thousand and more words. And you know what?! It builds your relationship and friendship for each other to a higher level, and the respect for each other as well, shines through your friendship. Thanks Barb, you are the bestest!

Anyways, I'm off to go and see that TMJ Specialist. Please continue to pray for my jaw that is not opening to it's full extent.

Have a beautiful day and blessed one as well.

God Bless,