November 7, 2009

11/7: Show n' Tell, New Poll and A Fun Fact About Me

From Left to Right: Irene, Ali, Shirley, Wini, Gloria n' Me

On Oct 23rd, '09, I had a "Color Fun Day" gathering at my home. Here are the ladies that came out to play. We had a great time talking stories n' as usual, eating up. =0)

Here are a couple of images I colored that day using my Copics....

A new poll has been posted - last week's poll question was "What do you do right before you go to bed" - 33% of us watch TV, 16% Crafts, 8% Reads, 8% Adjust The Room Temperature, 8% Needs a Certain Blanket, and 25% did none noted... LOL!! Fun Poll.... thanks for playing!!!

For Fun, I've decided to share a fun fact or memory about myself, and see how many of these I can share. It would be something great for my kids to later look back upon (or for myself as well, after I lose my memory of who I am, of course....)

So, here's fun fact #1:

My brother n' I built a club house up in the mountains that were behind our house in Kalihi, and hung out there with our friends during our pre-teen years. We used to "cook" Vienna Sausages in the can, over fire and pretend that we were really "camping".

Thanks again for stopping in to read this - I posted a new release of images that Little C's exclusively offers, see post below to read all about them.