October 1, 2009

Digital Delights - Sketch #8

Good Thursday Morning!!! Today is officially the last day of my DT term with Digital Delights. What a fun time I had on the team, and now it's time to say "too-da-loo" to Wendy n' her wonderful team of creative ladies!!

Well, there is a new sketch out there for Digital Delights - you'll find the new sketch in the upper right hand column of my blog - which by the way, I have been making some changes to - have you notice? I went from 3 column to 2 columns. I haven't fully completed the sidebar yet, so you will see some changes on going on that side for a couple of days.

Well, thanks for popping in, hope you join in on the challenge, you'll win some goodies and a chance to be a guest designer for Digital Delights!!! So head on over there for sure!!!

Now for my daily blurbs...
  • Today's Weather: Breezy and Humid!!
  • 1 Thing I Realized Yesterday: That UH Football sure has a HUGE impact on traffic. On the way home yesterday, traffic was nice n' easy (around 4:20 pm coming from Manoa, heading Ewa Beach), when I got home, I found out that UH was playing, and probably everyone headed home early (or is hanging at a sports bar) to watch the game on TV, since the Warriors are in the mainland playing Louisiana Tech.
  • Ceasar (my Shitzu), is not very happy with the new pups in the house with him. They like to jump n' pounce on him, but he doesn't like it. But, when the outside dogs come into the house, Ceasar likes to jump on THEM (the outside dogs).... GO FIGURE!!!
  • Responding To Some Comments From Yesterday: From Jodie: Hi Jen...Hope you are having a greater day today... as for the chocolates, I know what you mean, I always try to leave a bag in the car, but some how it disappears... sometimes on one sitting. >>> My Reply: I ended up getting 3 McD Chocolate Chip Cookies for a $1 today, and after I ate 1 I realized it was tooooo sweet for me... ugh!!!! From Jan: All those food things you talk about, you need to tell us non-natives what you are eating. Some sound like words from Spanish or Mexican cuisine. If it's got bread, I want some. >>> My Reply: Jan, Spanish Rolls, Ensamada, and Pandesal are all some kinda bread thingy, and ohhhh so delish!! You'd love it - I'd send them, but they'd get moldy by the time they get there, and Pancit is a Filipino Noodle dish, kinda like stir fry but with noodles n' veggies...
  • Yesterday's Breakfast: hmmm... I can't remember what I had!!!
  • Yesterday's Lunch: Turkey Sandwich
  • Yesterday's Dinner: Polish Sausage w/Onions, Canned Corned Beef Patties w/eggs n' onions (the ohana was getting tired of the leftovers - so I froze them).
  • Update on Camera's: I still haven't found what I'm looking for.... lol... (the receipts)