September 3, 2009

Little C's Own Line of Digital Designs..... COMING SOON!!!!

Weeee Hoooooo..... FINALLY, I have always dreamed of having a line of digital images for Little C's. I've asked numerous artists and have had many of doors slammed shut. After praying for an open door, the Lord has answered my prayers. I've turned to a few talented friends who were willing to take a chance with me n' my Little C's business, in drawing up some digital images for me. One of the artists is a friend of mines, and the owner of Destiny Designs Hawaii, of which designs are created for T-Shirt sales only. Therefore, the images that he's drawing up for Little C's are exclusively for Little C's, and will only be sold as Destiny Digital Designs through Little C's. Be on a lookout... Digital Designs are Coming Soon!! If you want to check out some of the designs by Destiny Designs Hawaii, click here to check them out (keep in mind that the images shown there are for T-Shirt purchases only!!!).

Stay Tuned!!!