September 22, 2009

Cy's 1st Day of School

Hey There.... yep, I'm finally posting some pics from Cy's 1st day of school. Kinda late, but better than never, right?! He went back to school on the 1st of September, and he requested tags to be made for his personal items, such as his back pack, his water bottle and his lunch bag. The character that he wanted was "Wyatt" of "Super Why". Such a fun character, and a great educational show for kids to watch n' learn how to read. Here are what the tags turned out looking like, he was so proud to have them on his things.

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Here are some pics I took of my shorty on his 1st day of school.....

Yes, and on the 1st day, he already had homework.... sigh, he's growing up so quickly!!

Have a blessed week, everyone!!! Sorry I've been MIA lately. Been really trying to get on my Little C's store, and bring it up to date... and just trying to get organized here in my home. It's kinda crazy with both kids in school now - although it is quiet, there is soooo much to do around the house. Hopefully I can finish up and finally settle down and start creating with just having to do laundry n' dishes daily instead of always cleaning. ACK! Ok... for those of you that have emailed me and haven't heard back - I will be replying to you shortly. Especially YOU!!!

Big Hugs n' Blessings,