September 29, 2009

Cricut Projects

Hey There....

Just wanted to share a few projects that I created with my Cricut. These are projects done a while ago, but only have the chance to share now - especially because my camera in not in commission. So looking through some pics I have saved on my computer. I hope to have these up on my Cricut blog as well, along with their downloaded files. Will post here again when it is.

This cut I created using my DS program, and it was inspired by a Sizzix cut.

Here is it's side view....
Another of the same cut, different DSP....

Cupcake Basket - I saw something like this somewhere online, and I copied it using my DS program... great for filling with goodies whenever!

A teddy bear request from an SU! Demo, I created on my DS program, using the same layout as the teddy on the cartridge "Doodle Charms".

And here's a feeble attempt to note my daily life on my blog, in a quick kinda way:

  • Today's Weather - Scattered Showers, Gloomy n' Cloudy
  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter on 1 slide of bread (yesterday's was 1/2 mango and a banana - I just had to note that, so that I can remember about those healthy mornings).
  • Yesterday's greatest accomplishment: Cooking Pancit Bijhon for dinner - and I still have plenty of left overs for tonight's dinner! I think my niece is coming over
  • What I'm going to do today: Take Cy to the doctor (he's home with me again with coughing, snifflin' n' sneezing symptoms - nothing bad, just want him to get checked). Also heading to Sony to drop off my cameras to get fixed, and then grocery shopping. Need to mop n' clean my bathrooms, cancel my lunch with my sister, pickup Cy's homework, laundry, dishes, pick up CY4 from school and HOPEFULLY I'll get to create after all that...
  • Today's Quote: Don't look back.... ah! made you look!!
Ok, that's all I have in a nutshell.... hopefully I'll get to share more daily..