August 24, 2009

Stamp n' Scrap Hawaii's Featured Aloha Blogger

Aloha!! I hope you all had a great weekend.... This weekend at church there was a "How To Walk" conference going on, and this was the 1st time ever for us to attend. What an experience of exciting and adrenaline high that we've reached. My DH served the Lord by helping in the Cafe, and around the church campus. I baked and baked, and brought the goods up to the church for people to snack on. The place was packed. Parking was over filled, we had to park off campus near the neighboring homes. Everyone there was surrounded by the Lord's Holy Spirit - you could feel His energy!!! WOWZah!!

This weekend, over at Stamp n' Scrap Hawaii, it was time to feature an Aloha Blogger of the week. This week, we featured Enjoli, of Stamping Under The Sun. Enjoli is a sweet talented sister of the islands. She is always willing to share and give what she's created. She makes such beautiful creations as well!! So the challenge for the SSH Sisters were to lift a project off of Enjoli, and gosh - all the projects that they came up with were AWESOME!!!! Go check it out!!!

The project I chose to lift off of Enjoli, was this coffee bag which she also does a tutorial on. Enjoli actually sent me a cut file of this project for my Cricut Machine awhile back. However, I needed to tweek it a little, so that I could enlarge the bottom flaps, and add score lines. I will have the cut file available on my Cricut Cuts Blog in the near future (I have to upload the file and do other things before posting it, so that's going to take a little more time to do).

The bag actually calls for a twist tie to use for closure, but I couldn't find any around my house. So instead, I just used a clip from Making Memories, and I think it worked quite well. =0)

I used some acetate for the window, and added some chocolate candies to the inside of the box. The image is from Himawari Babies. Flowers are of All Natural Accents which you can find at Little C's.

I had so much fun creating this project. I'm thinking about creating it for the Glama Gurlz gathering this weekend. Hmmmm.... I just love creating with my Cricut machine. So easy to use, and just a click of a button, ya know!?!? I also have a ton of Himawari Babies to use, so this way I'll give my gurlz the option of what image they'd like to use on their goody bag. I better go looking for some cool clips then. Oh goody!!! Can't wait now....

Ok, gotta get going. Got some house chores I gotta get started on..... last night, while everyone was sleeping - I cleaned the bathroom. LOL!! It sure was nice n' quiet during that time. But I think I need coffee now...LOL....

My Christmas project is LATE!!! Sorry Maria, I hope to have it up n' completed in the next couple of hours.