August 8, 2009

SCAL Gable Box

Awwww.... good morning friends!!! This week over at Stamp n' Scrap Hawaii, we are featuring Chalsie of Paper Kisses as our 2nd Aloha Blogger. Every other week, we will pick a blogger that creates, and blogs, and we ask her a few questions. She answers them, and shares a few of her creations. The next day, we share with you what this Aloha Blogger has inspired us, by creating something that we've seen off of her blog. Now, this can be ANYBODY that blogs. Right now, we are featuring those of Hawaii... but when we run out of Hawaii bloggers, we will be looking for others out there. So if you have someone in mind, and would like to challenge us in creating her projects, and featuring her on SSH, please email to have us check her out and hopefully she'll agree with being featured. =0)

Anyways, after finding out that Chalsie was our featured blogger, I wanted to create some kinda box that Chalsie had. I wanted to use my Cricut, and wanted to make something that I could cut with my cricut. Well, I saw this gable box that Chalsie created, and I knew that it was what I wanted to create. But because I knew that it would take me more time to "create" it on my Cricut, than to put it together, I had to put much thought into this project. I finally realized that I could create it using my most recent purchase of the Sure Cuts A Lot program (Thanks for pushing me, Eunice!!!). Oh my goodness... what this program can do is totally OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! There's just too much explaining to do about this program, but just trust me - it is awesome!!! For those of you that don't own the DS program because it isn't compatible with your MAC - this program is something you might want to consider.

With the program, I was able to create this gable box. I had SCAL cut it, and wha-la, all finish!! I put it together, and wow, how fun was that??! You bet, I will definately have more projects using the SCAL - and I can't believe how long I've put off from NOT purchasing it. I don't regret purchasing all those cartridges for the Cricut... this program is just another asset added to my collection of goodies!!! Yeeee haw!!!

Ok, I'm off to a busy day today... got Cy's orientation for school (K) and then all kinds of things going on.. can't wait, going to be a busy but fun day!!! Enjoy your weekend.... oh, and don't forget to head on over to Stamp n' Scrap Hawaii to check out what the other DT's came up with.

Link to cut file coming soon.