August 7, 2009

Notepad Cover w/Himawari Babies

Ok, Happy Aloha Friday.... please be sure to check out the 2 previous posts I put up, they may be helpful and informative to you.

Here I have a Memo Pad cover to share with you, which I decorated with Himawari Babies. I've added a few buttons for some pazzazz!!! Embellishments ROCK, don't they!?? They just add to your already pretty creation, and make it a ROCKin' creation. I love embellishments. Funny tho' - I remember there was a time when I never used embellishment. Even layers of cards! HAH!! Back when I started, I only stamped directly on white card stock - and back then, it was about making a scenary... it was fun creating that way, but how it's evolved into - just unbelieveable!!!

Anyways, here are the details: Himawari Babies image, Buttons, Martha Stewart DSP, Ribbon is a thin 1/4" organdy, Coral cardstock is Bazzill Basics.

Yesterday, I attend CY4's school orientation. Man, I was outtah breath just walking around that school. We were to follow the class schedule in the order of what he would actually be doing for a regular day. 7 classes, with 5 minutes to get from class to class... NUTZ!!!! All the walking and panting I was doing - NOT GOOD!!! Well, soon, the kids are going to be back in school, hopefully I will have some time to take a brisk walk in the morning to get my blood pumping and exercising again.

Ok, well, I hope you're having an awesome Aloha Friday. Time to get my day started!!!