August 13, 2009

Fred She Said Halloween Goodie Bag

Hello There!!! I was going to write "good morning" but it's already 11 am here in Hawaii, which means the east coast is already at 5 pm. So, I'll stick to "Hello There". There is just so much I want to write and say. Too many things going on, I haven't had the chance to let you all know what's been going on in my crazy world. So I will share it with you today..... are you ready for some major reading?! LOL....

Well, before I go on, I figure I share with you my project first.... Halloween is just around the corner. I can't believe how fast this year is zooming by. I say that every year, don't I?! But it's sooo true!!! Well, I thought that I'd create with this Fred, She Said adorable image, called "Emma The Cat" and I thought I'd create a lil' something with it. The image comes with and without spots on the lil' girl's outfit. The spots make her look like a cheetah, but because I went with a purple outfit, I figure the spots would be best left off on my project here. =0) I used the tutorial on SCS for the Tote Bag Box. Pretty simple and easy to follow. I like those kinda tutorials. The way I colored her makes her look kinda like a black/purplish kitty, huh?! I was doing purple, but looks almost like dull black in the photo. Kinda like how some ink pads get sometimes.

I colored the image with my Copic Sketch markers. Paper is from the DCWV Fall Glitter Pack. The pumpkin border on the bottom of this bag was cut on my Cricut, using the "Doodle Charms" cartridge and my DS Program. I simply welded the borders together to make 1 longer border. There is just soooo many options for the Cricut and the programs that run with them.

I then used 1/4" black organdy ribbon to tie the tops together. I doubled the ribbon to give it a fuller look. I really like how it turned out after tying. The tags at the top of the bag is from SU!, I have brads holding them in position. I also used a slot punch to punch a slot hole so that the ribbon could go through it and tie it through there. I used orange stickles in places that I thought would be nice to have some glitz.

My image is adhered on the bag with foam tape. Love those goodies, they are both strong, and adds a 3D look to your projects.

Well, check out Fred She Said's online store - she's got cute images, that are so fun to work with.

Ok, now for catching you up with

what's going on with me. Sooo many!!! I just don't know where to start. Ok, let's see... CY4 started school on the 11th of August. I have been slowly getting myself back on "school schedule", waking up early and making lunch for both hubby and son. When Cy starts school, I'll be making 3 home lunches everyday!!! Dang, I better think of easier dinners to make, because I don't think they'd wanna eat left overs after eating left overs for lunch too, right?! Driving the kids to school every morning hasn't been too bad, because the University hasn't started up yet - but I'm kinda worried about that when it does, because that means I have got to get Cy back in time to attend school. Not too worried, since I know I was able to do it last year - but still.... I guess it's the 1st day of school jitters?! My baby is going to be a Kindegartener!!! He's grown up soooo fast!!! I can't believe that he'll be heading off to school real soon!!!

I got my nails done again, this past Tuesday. I didn't do them for about 3-4 months. I took Cy with me, and he was such a good boy. Behaved, and was sitting in a chair minding his own business. But after awhile, the bordomness kicked in. He came on over to my seat, got on my lap, got off, then back on, then off, and then on again. It was driving me nuts. But he was so curious about how Aunty Lena designed my nails, and how she was making these shortie-patuties into long gorgeous creations in a matter of minutes. I was thrilled that Lena was there. She is the girl I always go to for my nails to get done. I just love how she designs, and she already knows what I want, I don't have to explain to her, and I just trust what she'll design is what I will end up loving. Well, above is a lil' glimps of what my nails look like right now. The tips are actually pearl tips, and then she hand painted each flower on each of my nails. Then she covers it with a clear coating that is super strong for nails that do house work. LOL...

Another news is that the playground that was at the back of our house is no longer there. We removed it, and for now still thinking about what we should put back there. It looks so bare and empty.... looking forward in seeing what becomes of it... here are some before n' after pics:

The tool shed is also gone.... =0)

Alright, well, it's hot n' humid out there - so Thankful that the Lord has allowed Tropical Storm Felicia to bypass the State of Hawaii. Indeed what a blessing it is. It rained a little, but not as bad as it would've. Last night we had a little down pour - but not over whelming. I'm off to run some errands... gotta pick up Cy's uniform for school, some goods at WalMart and then to the mall!!! Phew - I'm tired just thinking about it. Hopefully we'll miss the traffic coming home.... Cy wants to go to the mall just to ride the monorail... LOL... at least it's air conditioned.

Ok, toodaloo... I'll see ya all later!!