August 20, 2009

Digital Delights - NEW Release!!!

Good Morning Thursday!! It's Release time over at Digital Delights!!! Wendy drew up a farm scene for the NEW release she has this time around. I had fun creating with some of the images she had. There are MORE - so be sure to check it out here, and see for yourself what else there is. =0) But here's what I came up with on my creations.... remember those cards I let you peek at the other day?! Well here they are in whole..... I was trying out my new Copics Air Brush system with these cards. I need more practice. Gotta be able to keep my hands steady, as well as the finger that holds the trigger. So, if you see more of these air brush type creations, please excuse me as I try n' learn how to use it. The images I've used on the first card is the farm background scene, Sitting Maggie, and Sugar the Sheep. I used PSE to layer them on top of each other so that they'd print all in 1 image. Saved me time on cutting and layering.

On my second card, I used the Farm Background scene again, Petunia the Pig twice. 1 I made larger, and 1 I made facing the other way - it's a perfect welcome home card for a new baby. I think I'd have to give this to someone that owns a pig, or actually understands the world of stamping, because I wouldn't want to offend anyone, making them think that their baby is a pig? That would NOT be good. =0) Anyways, you can really tell my amateur air brushing technique on this 2nd card. Booo Hoooo... The sentiment is from TAC, and I thought it was perfect for this card. Doesn't it really look farmish with the colors n' all. But then again, I am not entirely thrilled about the air brushing. I will continue to work on that, and tighten my skillz. LOL....

Ok, on to my last card, this one I extended the fence of the background scene. I did that simply by copying a section of the fence, and then just continuing it on to the fence that was already there. It's possible with stamping, but on the computer it's so much quicker, AND you are able to view what you are doing PRIOR to printing. So if it doesn't look right to you, you can just redo your work, and try again. I really love this last card I worked on. It's my favorite out of the 3, probably because I didn't use any airbrushing on it. I got kinda lazy on the Copic coloring though - doesn't look like I blended his overalls good enough. Maybe I'll fix it later (maybe).

Well, if you want to check out the rest of the set that is being released today - you must head on over here, because you will be delighted in what you find!!

Also, just wanted to shmall kine apologize for the MIA lately - I have been quite busy trying to get products online at Little C's, which I am working on getting the Maganolia's back online as well as the 12x12 Design Sheet Papers. I am also continuing with my baking marathon for our church's event coming up this weekend. I will post a flyer later, incase any of you local sisters might want to attend. Today, I am baking cookies!!! Oh, and CY3 LOVED the energy bars I baked the other day, so looks like I'm going to make a batch of those for our household too!!! I gotta head out to WalMart later too... so toodaloo!!!! Have a blessed day in Jesus!!!!