July 2, 2009

Patriotic Boy from KLM Designs

Hello again... here is another patriotic creation of mines. I am very surprised at myself, for creating all these patriotic designs. I am not one to usually create patriotic creations. Not usually... I was happy to find that I even had some patriotic DSPs!!! The DSPs I've been using are all from DCWV! So Thank the Lord for allowing me to find these DSPs within the stacks I've purchased. LOL....

Well, today I have to share with you this Patriotic Boy image that you can find over on KLM Design's store. They also have a Patriotic Girl, which I will also create with and post later. But this lil' boy, I just had to create with 1st. He looks just like my lil' Cy (except for the blue eyes - oh, I would be busted if he had blue eyes ya?!)... well, my lil' Cy LOVES, and I really mean LOVES watermelon. If he had his way, he would have watermelon all day!!! Which is good, but one time he had a lot of watermelon, and was going to the bathroom trying to keep up with getting rid of it as quick as he was eating it. It was too funny. But he still went back for more.

When I was a kid, and we would have watermelon, I remember my mom n' dad telling me not to eat the seeds, because they might start growing in my belly. Can you imagine what I was thinking?! Seriously, I thought.... man, if I eat this seed, and it starts growing, will it turn into a BABY??!?!?!?! Yea, I didn't want that happening. About 3 years later tho', my parents told me the real way of getting pregnant, they told me not to play football with the boys on my street anymore, because if I caught the ball - I would get pregnant. Of course I didn't believe that, but I sure caught the hint that they didn't want me to play with the boys. Which I thought sucked big time. How'd we get from a watermelon to football to being pregnant?! Dang.... I wander, don't I!?!?!

Well, I wanted to mention that the sentiment is also from KLM Designs. The sentiment actually came in "BLACK", but with a little "paint" adjustment, you can change the color of it to whatever color you want. Hey, just like stamping - but it's all in your mouse that does the trick!! =0) With this image, you get 3 sentiments... for only, ready?!?! $2.50!!! Come on, you cannot go wrong!!! How cheap is that?!? With some single stamps, they cost you $1.99... ¢.50 more, you get 3 more images!!! The possiblities are just as endless as owning stamps - but even more!!! Because remember, you can resize the image to an infinite amount, change the color of the sentiments, and print out as many times as you want...

I colored this image with my Copics - oh, and which by the way I got me MORE from Hawaiian Graphics the other day. Believe it or NOT - the guy that was helping me, was actually NICE that day. =0) I think because it was close to pau-hana time, so maybe that's why.... I added sticklez for a lil' shimmer. Dew drops n' DCWV DSP.

Have a beautiful day!!!

Hugs n' Blessings,