July 6, 2009

CSAYL Challenge #24 with Fred, She Said Poinsettia - and How I Did It

Aloha n' Good Morning! We are on week #24 for Christmas Stampin' All Year Long. These challenges are so fun to do, but it sure is tiring!! LOL... but what a challenge it is for me. Especially during the times when I think that I just don't have any juice left - and I whip something up, what a surprise it is to myself.

This week's challenge is to create a card without using any stamps. I immediately knew that I wanted to show case Fred, She Said's Poinsettia Flower!! It's soooo pretty n' easy to use. I was trying to think of a sentiment to use, and was looking around for some chipboard, but then I thought that I didn't want to take attention away from the beautiful flower. So, I left it without a sentiment. You can tell it's a Christmas card, anyways, right?! I'm sure the red n' green stripes is gonna give it away!! LOL....

Well, I wanted to share with you how to create this beautiful poinsettia flower. So you purchase this set - which is $4, and there is a blue set too - and you can get that too for $4 OR if you purchase BOTH, you pay only $7!!!! Ok, so you purchase, then print out the page - you can see that the flowers will take up an entire page (see photo sample on the left), and then you'd cut out these flower images....

Ok, so here are the steps to creating this flower:

After you print out the flowers on your printer, you cut them out. You can make 2 flowers per sheet, I'm showing you how to make 1, so I'm using 2 large reds, and 1 small red to make the flower, and then 2 greens to make the leaves.

Now, I score the middle of each petal and leaf.....

There is now a fold in the middle of each petal/leaf. This is what makes the flower look so 3D-ish.

Now to layer them... 1st the leaves, you're going to put them on top of each other, and the 2nd leaf will be lined up with the areas of the 1st leaf where there is no leaf. I am using my Crystal Lacquer to adhere them together.

Now for the petals, I put the larger red down, right on top of the last layer of leaves.

Now the 2nd larger red right on top of the 1st red, also lining up with the previous layer, of where there is no petals.
Then the last layer, of which it is the smaller red petals. Then this is the completed flower....
Here's what I did with it on my stampless card- I added some candy cane sticklez to the middle of my flower:

Thanks for checking out this challenge - we welcome you to come and play along with us, rather, grow your Christmas card collection with us. Check out what the other Design Divas of CSAYL came up with. They all did an awesome job!!!

Ok, stay tuned... I have 1 more post to share with you - it's my Sassy Studio Debut.... =0)