June 16, 2009

OMGosh!!! Look What Came In The Mail Today!!!

So I went out into town today to pick up my broken Dyson (the belt broke, so I had to have it changed)... so anyways, when I got home, I see this box on my steps. I was like, "Yay!! What did I order?!", and I kept thinking... what DID I order? I couldn't remember ordering anything that much. LOL.. well, I picked it up and immediately saw that it was from my girlfriend, Joy. When I opened the box, and it was a very heavy one... I found out I was the winner of her blog candy!!!! NO WAY!!! HOW COOL!!!! HOW AWESOMELY COOL!!!! Thanks Joy... I hardly ever win anything, because I hardly have a chance to play along - but the Good Lord has blessed me, and allowed Tealyn to pick my name!!! God Bless the both of you, sweeties!!! I have to put these goodies away, and start incorporating them in my creations. Hee Hee!!!!!

Above is the card Joy made me - super cute!!! I love how she put laces on her socks....

Check out all the goodies that came in this box....

So much stuff!! WOW!!! What a blessing... thanks again Joy n' Taelyn!! Feels like I just went on a shopping spree without the stress of shopping!!!