June 30, 2009

Last of the Kokeshi Dolls Stamp Set of Two Scoops Rice Designs

Aloha n' Good Morning Sisters!!

Hope everyone is doing well this bright n' beautiful Tuesday morning. I just heard the garbage truck pass my house, and we are now in this recycling program here in Pearl City. They are picking up the green bins with all the greens in them - you know, nature things.... leaves from the tree, grass, flowers and pretty much anything else that was green, and probably going brown by now. They started this program in my area I think around May. I am still getting used to the schedule that they gave to us. It's pretty easy to follow. So, every other week on Tuesdays, they will pick up recycled products - the green bin one week, the blue bin (paper & plastics) the next week, and every Fridays they will pick up all the other garbage that can't be recycled. My problem is, because they no longer pick up trash-trash on Tuesdays, my Friday trashes are over flowing. Now, isn't my trash bin supposed to be less of trash since the recycled bins should be filled? LOL... YES - those are filled too!!! What the heck? ALL BINS ARE FILLED here at the Young's household, and it is driving me up the walls. That means I have too much yard trash, too much recycle trash and way too much trash-trash around my house. Hmmmm.... maybe it's just because it is the beginning of this recycle thingy, ya?! I'm probably finding all these things to recyle, and tossing them all away - which is a good thing. But seriously, I don't know why the trash trash is still filled. I think it may be because the recycled bin is filled, and I have no where else to put it except the trash-trash? LOL.. Oh, last wek Friday, CY4 had to put the trash-trash bin across the street, and have them pick it up while coming up the street, and then grabbed it back, filled it with more trash, and then placed it on our side of the street for them to pick up on the way down. LOL.... It was kinda funny to watch. He's so cute....

Ok, nuff about trash - sorry Renae! Here is my card that I created using the last of the 5 Kokeshi Dolls in the Kokeshi Doll stamp set that Two Scoops Rice Designs has. I paper pieced her dress. Wanted to see how it would look like on one of her dolls, and it turned out awesome!! I also wasn't sure about working with orange.... but that worked out too! The zig-zag stitches is from an embossed border from cuttlebug, and the washi paper, I got from WalMart. Actually, it's not even REAL washi paper, just washi paper designed. The paper is actually origami paper... there are some real washi paper out there, but I'm not sure if the real one is sold at WalMart. (I no like anyone bop me on the head, if they can't find the real washi paper there....KWIM?!). I added stickles to add some shine - because you know I love making it all purdy... buttons are from my stash of buttons - I throw all my buttons into this bin, so that I can just grab n' go and I colored ms. girly here with my Copics.

Here's the entire stamp set - comes on a 4x6 sheet... they are all in 1 set...

Anyways, thanks for listening to my trash talk today... I hope you have a blessed day!!!