June 6, 2009

High Hopes: Froggy Gift w/ color shots....

Good Morning Saturday, my dear friends!!! I have been enjoying the coloring times I have had lately. It's so relaxing and fun. LOL... I think a lot of digital images have got to do with it. But it also made me think about the stamps that I have on hand, that are waiting patiently to be ink'd up. LOL... shame on me. No, I won't forget about them rubbahs!!

I created this card for someone special. There are no embellishments on this card because the person I am sending it to is currently located in jail. I don't think they will allowed all the embellishments, so I figure to be on the safe side, don't put any at all. Sending this person some love, prayers and just a note to let him know that we love him, are always thinking of him, and we're praying for him. Things happen for a reason... always!! God makes things happen in our life, good or bad, because He knows what He's got planned for us, has perfect meaning behind it all. Just trust in the Lord, and He will guide you the right way!!!

Anyways, on to my card - the image is from High Hopes, and it's called "Froggy Gift". I colored with my copics (see color shots below). I am getting good feedback on the color shots I have been providing. I am happy that these color shots are helping some of you. I'm just glad that I've finally found what works for me. It took awhile, but alas!!! DSP is from DCWV, CB background is "Spots n' Dots". Sentiment is from TAC.

Here are my color shots:

I colored the jump suit first, using a dark color blue (B05) n' a lighter blue (BG10) & blend:

Now the frog....
Now his shirt (notice how I always have 1 darker, and the other lighter), makes a better blend.

His hat:

Colored his skin with E50, and then added shadows with E33....

After blending, the shadow lines are less dominant, and now actually look like shadings instead!!
Image is ready for it's card. =0)

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.