June 10, 2009

HB with a Himawari Babies

Good Morning Sunshine!!! I have been slacking in creating projects with Himawari Babies cut outs. Thought I better get some in the mix of my creations out, so you can see how I'm using them. Here I've created a lil' boy's birthday card. Simple, but yet with a little hint of glam... I hope the bling isn't going to throw the card off, and make it more fem than it's meant to be. =0) The lil' "HB" stamp I think is from SU! - sorry, not sure.... but I wanted it to look like a sticker, so I added crystal glase to it, let it dry and then adhered it to the bottom. I had to use a sentiment that was small, as I didn't want the image to be overwhelmed by another. The embossing folder I used is a CB folder called "Spots n' Dots" - it's one of my favs. The image that I used on this card is called "Dylan". He's a cutie, ain't he?! He sure reminds me of MY lil' man.....

Anyways, I'm usually doing my crafting late at night, now a days. It's quiet, and very relaxing. I craft in my dining room, since I've brought a lot of my crafting things into the dining room. At first, my DH told me that he didn't want me working out here, because when we'd have guests over, then they'd see all the madness going on in the dining room. But after 2 weeks, he changed his mind, and told me "if it's convenient for you to craft in the dining room, then it's alright with me that your things are out there".... what a sweetie!!! Love ya, babe!!! So, here I am, crafting, blogging in my dining room. LOL.... at night - it's just me, my craft thingies and the sound of my aquarium (which is hidden behind one of my craft tables - and yes, I do feed him!!!).... Where is this all going? To tell you the truth.... NO WHERE!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful week, can you believe that it's already Wednesday?!?! Time surely flies when you're having fun....