June 1, 2009

Christmas Weekly Challenge #19 - With Color Shots

Hey Sistahs,

It's week 19 of our Christmas Stampin' All Year Long blog challenge. Can you believe, week 19 already? I don't think I have 19 cards created, I think I skipped out on a few challenges, but I have been trying to keep up with the most recent challenges. Infact, I think I skipped out on the ones during the time I went on my family vacation. It's been pretty steady since my return. Be sure to stop on by the CSAYL blog to see all the other creations by our DT. You'll want to see how we incorporated number's in our creations.

This week's challenge is to create with numbers. Numero's..... I had no idea what to come up with.... I was thinking of making one with "Baby's 1st Christmas"... but the idea wasn't all there, ya know?! Anyways, I remember I had these cute Whipper Snapper Turtles, with lil' birdies on each of them. The actual name of this stamp is called "Two Turtle Doves" - but don't they look more like chicks, rather than doves? Anyways, it could be because I colored them yellow, instead of like the grey dingy looking doves we have flying around. LOL.... sorry, I thought they looked a lot cuter being yellow. LOL!!!!! Ok, so there was my numero... "2". Hope you like my rendition for this week's challenge. It was again, FUN!!!

Maria is going to create 2 Christmas cards per week, since Christmas is approaching quickly!! ACK!!! You know, creating Christmas cards all year long surely makes Christmas come sooner than it really is. But really, it is coming sooner! LOL.... so I'm not sure if I'm going to do the same thing Maria is going to do. We'll see... so far, all the Christmas cards I've made, I don't want to give away. So more than likely - I'll probably end up creating photo cards for Christmas... LOL!! Ok, just kidding... I'll have to send these created Christmas cards to at least my crafty friends, right?!?!??!

Ok, back to my creation. The stamp is a Whipper Snapper stamp, I colored with my colored pencils, and blended with Gamsol or otherwise known as "Odorless Mineral Spirits". You can pick up a pint of "OMS" from Home Depot for about $5-$7, which I did. Shared some with friends, and still have a whole lot of liquid to spare. The product is NOT odorless at all. For the actual odorless substance, I believe it goes for about $7 for about 8 fl oz. But the product I use, the scent is sustainable. If you are someone that is sensitive to scents, just make sure you use the product in a well vented area. Anyways, view my color shots below to see how I colored the image. After coloring, I've added stickles for glitz. The sentiment is computer generated, by me. The dew drops are from Robyn's Nests.

Here are my color shots:

Colored the birds with yellow n' orange (for beak), and I colored the areas where I'd like for it to be a little more darker.

Then blend with OMS (stump is dipped into OMS, and the blended by using circular motion, allowing the coloring of the pencils to spread throughout the image itself).

Colored hats with red, again - just the edges.

Blend again, I used the same stump n' tip.

Colored turtle bodies, darker areas, and edges

Blend, bringing colors in, and having just the right amount of shading in the areas I want.

Color turtle's shells, using darker green color.


At this point, I realized that I wanted to color the dots of the shells red, to incorporate the Christmas feeling.... so I colored the edges...
Then blend....
This is the completed image after all blending is done. =0)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful week. Lots of creations should be popping out of me soon, so don't be surprised if I have 2 or more postings in a day!!

Big Hugs,