June 6, 2009

3rd Year Blog-A-Versary Celebration!!!

Sistahs... I have been blogging for 3 years now!!!! Woooo Weeee..... the anniversary of my blog was actually back in March. I had a lot of things going on then, so it is only now that I have the chance to finally have a give-a-way!!! This is simple.... you know me, gotta have F-U-N... so here's what you gotta do... Go to this site - and play the Tetris game on that site. When you complete the game, send a photo of your winning score to me at littlecs7@gmail.com.

Here are the simple steps in capturing a pic of your score:
  • Play til' the game is over - and your score is shown.
  • Press the "Prt Sc/Sys Rq" button on your keyboard once (usually located in the upper right area of your key board).
  • Open your Microsoft Word or Microsoft Notepad and press "Ctrl + V" (this should drop the image that you "copied".
  • Save your file, and remember where you saved it.
  • Email the file to me at littlecs7@gmail.com
This is what your image should look like (make sure I can see the score!!):

The Rules:

  1. I am looking for 4 Highest Score Winners... as I have 4 sets of goodies to give away!!!!
  2. You can only submit your score ONCE.
  3. Once you submit your score, you cannot submit a higher scored pic in it's place. No 2nd chances. So play well, and get that HIGE score!!!
  4. This Blog-A-Versary giveaway ends on Saturday, June 13th, 2009 - Winners will be announced by Monday, June 15th, 2009.
Here are the 4 packages that I am giving away (sorry for the blurry pics):

Ok, have fun... and I look forward to seeing which 4 of you will win these packages....