May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Two Scoops Rice Designs

Dear Sistahs,

It's Tuesday!!! And guess what?! I thought my real life sistah, Nasha was going to arrive today! But I was WRONG!!! DEEEEET!! She's coming tomorrow. What a lo-lo, ya?! Well, as I write this, sistahs, I am wondering where the morning went!! I dropped off Cy to school, went shopping at WalMart - becuase I'm looking for a replacement belt for my Dyson vaccum. But I ended up buying all kinds of other stuffs instead. Couldn't find the vaccum belt there - will have to check with Best Buy or purchase it online. After WalMart, I stopped off and visited Glama Gurl Myra, fast kine... she had some cookies for me... yumm-o!!

Thanks, Dahling!!! Then came home, cleaned out the doggies kennel, and washed it down too. I threw in a load of laundry (I'm doing pretty good at sticking to my 1 load of laundry a day goal), and then folded clothes - rather towels, that were on my sofa. I then purchased postage online, so I could mail off some goodies to some of you sweet sistahs out there.... and now, here I am typing away, with just 10 minutes to share my TSRD card today.

Today's TSRD card was a pretty simple one to create. I had this in mind for a while now - just had to get it created. I think I did this once with TAC stamps... One of Cy's favorite fruits is watermelons. This watermelon comes from the Fruit Set, which you can find here. Soo cute, and I couldn't resist adding some glitter to the "special" watermelon, oh together with some googlie eyes!!!

I don't know where that sentiment is from. But I know I bought it years ago at Cute Stuff. I colored the watermelons with my Copics.

Oh sistahs... I have some FanTabUlouS News!!! My lil' Cy-Cy, he was accepted into the Christian private school we applied for!!! Weeee Hooooo!!!!! Totally stoked in the Young's household. Cy is not happy about leaving his Pre-Kinder friends, but he is totaly excited about entering his new Christian school!!! We're totally estatic about it all - Praise God!!! As for my older boy, CY4, he's trying out for football right now. It's pretty challenging, because he comes home after practice around 6 pm, and has to get on his homework pronto. I have him eat dinner and do his homework at the same time. Wether it is just simple reading, or going over what must be done. So by the time he's done eating - he's ready to get down to business. He has been staying up lately from 11 pm - 12:30 am, but we're sooo proud of how he is balancing his homework, and football practices. He's juggling them quite well, I must say!!! So, praying that he will continue on this path.

Ok, time to go... gotta get Cy from school, come back home and work on Cy's Graduation projects!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!! He's graduating from Pre-K, Sistahs!!!! 5/15/09 - same day as hi May Day performance!!!! I'll have to take pictures of all the kiddies wearing leis that day!!!! =0)

Love to you all...
Chiii Hooo...