May 3, 2009

My Glama Gurlz Swap & Glama Gurlz Blog

Hello all...

What a beautiful day it was today. The sun was shining bright, the sky was blue, blue, blue!!! I loved it!!! My family and I went to Sunday service this morning, and you know, every time I go to service, it's funny how His word speaks as though He is speaking directly to me, knowing very well what I deal with daily each week. This week especially, with the Anonymous person leaving that comment this past Friday night. Which by the way, I just gotta say - WOWZER Sistahs, you gals seriously got my back!!! I love you all for that. I was so touched to hear everyone's comment, and I just appreciate how everyone came out n' said things to support me. We're very layed back here in Hawaii, and we have a very colorful culture. But even beyond Hawaii, there are a lot of bloggers out there that have very colorful personalities, and that's just how we are.

I prayed for this person to have some patience and understanding the next time this person comes across a blog like mines. I prayed that this person would look beyond all the grammar errors, and just see the fun personalities behind it all. Most of all, I have forgiven that person. I've deleted the post that I previously posted, because I know I let my pride get the best of me, and I just wanna dust it all off and start a new. =0)

With that being said, let's go on to my creation. This is the project I made for our Glama Gurlz swap this past April's gathering. Oh my, I am not happy with my swap. Hahaha... I was really last minute on this one. So last minute, I was creating it when the Glamaz were here with me. LOL!!! I should've added more blings...LOL... that cupcake doesn't look tasty at all!!! I used the TAC small plastic containers that used to come with the freebie stamps. Filled them with some buttons, and then used my Cricut machine to cut the scallop square, and the cupcake die cut.

I think the bottom part of the cupcake was cut on SU!'s DS paper. I used stickles to add glitz and then a lil' jewel bling for the top. I should've added a ribbon to the top of the plastic, huh?! Well, next month - I will have to create my swap ahead of time.

The Glama Gurlz gathering was sooo much fun!! As usual, had plenty food... and although it was a "snack function" only... goodness gracious, the snacks these ladies bring, broke da mouth kine!!! Myra brought Lychee Tapioca, which she made, Evie brought marbled fudge, made by her hubby, Jenny brought her delicious mouth watering stuffed mushrooms.... shame on me for not taking any pictures of the yummy foods. But I did take pics of some of the gurlz having a blast... and I've posted it on the new Glama Gurlz blog... On there, you will also see everyone else's swap creation - which are AWESOME!!! You can also see all the sistahs that are Glama Gurlz.... Please stop by to visit.... there will be more of our creations posted soon!!

I have now got to get to work on the Christmas Challenge - hopefully I have enough time to work on it tonight, and get it posted 1st thing tomorrow morning. I hope you all had a blessed weekend!!! Woooo Hoooo... looking forward to this week, I'm soooo excited that my sister Nasha is coming home to visit!!! I miss her sooooo much!!!

Big Hugs to All....