May 15, 2009

Large Backpack on Cricut

Howzit Sistahs....

Sorry about being MIA for the last couple of days... lots was going on here, for such a short amount of time. I caught some kinda bug.... my throat was itchy for a few days last week, and it even hurt for a lil' bit. I took Advil that night, and it was gone by the next morning. Cy then started sniffling and I kept him home from school, and started him on his meds, and he pulled through. Me on the other hand was right back with it, and made me think - was it even gone that first time, or was it back with a vegance? Anyways, through it all, I pushed myself to complete the large backpack design on my Design Studio, so that I could have them for goody bags for Cy's Pre-K graduation today.

I initially designed the Mini Backpack sometime the beginning of this year, or the ending of last year. And I promised myself that I would work on the larger sized one. But you all know how that goes... I tend to wait til' the last minute, thinking that I could get by... do you?! LOL.... Anyways, someone gave me this cute little bag that held sea salt in it, and it had a window and everything on it, so that I could see through it.... and I thought "this is a super cute bag, that I could probably make on the DS"... but it was also a reminder for me to get that large backpack design completed. So I finally did!!! Weeeeeee.....

I needed a design to feed off of, so I went to Joy's blog - A Place To Be Me, as I knew she posted a backpack creation sometime ago. You can find it here. I followed the way she designed her backpack, which she followed off of Splitcoast. So, takin the dimensions off of the sea salt bag, and putting it together with the design that Joy had.... whala!!!

I made 3 different looking backpacks. 1 set for boys, the other for girls, and 1 for the teachers. In the lil' pocket, I've cut a scallop tag so that I could slip into the pocket with a lil' message from my Cy on it (which I blurred out his real name n' info for obvious reasons).

It was perfect that his May Day/Graduation happened during this time, as my Sister Nasha was able to attend and be there in person to watch all this.... what a blessing it was, Praise God for that!!! =0)

Ok, so, here are more pics of the created backpacks... sorry I don't have much more to say... just wanted to share all the pics I took of the backpacks I made, and some pics of Cy's day.

Here is a image shot of the backpack on the DS program. Click here for cut file.

Requirements: Cricut X, Ds Program, George, Accent, Mini Monograms n' Wild Card cartridges.

Thanks for peeking...