May 6, 2009

Jen's Bday RAK Card Creators....

Dear Sistahs,

Good Morning!! It is Wednesday!!! The "hump day" of the week.... am totally excited today, especially because my real life Sistah Nasha, is flying in this afternoon from California. Looking forward in spending the next couple of weeks with her. Thanks for all your funny comments yesterday. NO my crazy schedule isn't like that all the time. But most of the time - I try to do a lot of things if I'm on the road, so when I come back home, I don't have to go out all over again. But that never happens. I had to hit the road later in the afternoon yesterday, because the secretary at the Christian school called, saying she mailed the acceptance letter to the wrong addy. LOL!!! So I told her that I would just swing by and pick them up.

After coming home from picking up those papers, I had to get started on dinner. Although it was only 2 pm, I was cooking Kalbi (Beef Spareribs) for dinner. So I had to marinate them. All I did was pour this Suzie's Gourmet Sauce called "Teri-Miso" into a large ziploc bag, and then threw in the Kalbi to get all mixed up in there. Between 2-5pm, I let it soak and marinate in the sauce. In the mean time, I finished up the laundry (I was able to do 3 loads, sistahs!!!), and then I ironed 3 of my DH's Aloha Shirts. I know, how come I'm still ironing you all ask... well, although I hang his shirts right after they get out of the dryer after being in there for 3-10 mins, some parts of the shirts aren't straightened out. Like the bottom parts of the shirt, the sleeves. However, I did notice that because they are semi un-wrinkled, I didn't have to push down on the iron and apply pressure while ironing so much.

By the time DH and CY4 came home, it was time to grind. I also fried fish. The Filipina in me gotta have that fish at least once a week, wether it is raw, fried or in a soup. Cy loves my fish dishes too!!! Anyways, I was up til' 10:30 pm last night, and everyone else was asleep before me. I bet that is the case with most mom's, huh?!

This morning... it starts all over again!!! LOL....

This past weekend, I started a group within the Glama Gurlz group. It is a group to help me create cards for my Birthday RAK Club. They are "Jen's Birthday RAK Card Creators". This way, I will be able to send out at least 1 birthday card to all those that signed up for the Bday RAK Club. =0) It was a birthday card JAM!!! We eneded up with 30+ cards, but most of them were of cards that Ali brought with her to donate. Please stop on by the Glama Gurlz blog, I will be posting 5 of them at a time... (Card shown here was created by Ali, which you will see on the Glama Gurlz blog along with 4 others).

Have an awesome day in Jesus, all... and for you sistahs in Hawaii, stay indoors and away from the vog (esp u, Linda!!) *wink*