May 8, 2009

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

Happy Aloha Friday, Sistahs!!!

I have a busy wizzie day today.... already I stopped over at my mom's on my way home from dropping CY4 off to school. Woke my sister up, and had breakfast there with my parents. SOOO Funny, as my parents weren't quite up yet, and when we stood there at their doorsteps, ringing the doorbell, they somehow thought that Pizza was being delivered?!?! WHAT!??! Yep - 7 am, Pizza Delivery? LOL... told my pops, "they don't open til' 11 am, remember that - don't be fooled if someone comes here saying it's the Pizza guy".... LOL... that was my lil' laugh for this morning.

Well, here's what I got to share with you this morning. It's another birthday card that I created this pass weekend with my Birthday RAK Card Creators. Check out more cards created by the Glama Gurlz on our blog. The stamp is a Penny Black stamp. You can't tell, but I cut out some pieces to pop them. Like the flowers, his paws, and the lady bug... actually, you can see it's shadow, huh??!

Tonight, I have a "Crafting Fun Night" session going on at my house. I have 5 super duper fun ladies coming tonight!!! Can't wait... what are we doing? Nothing really... just talking stories, and creating at the same time. Oh, we're also going to have some pizza... I opened it up to everyone that crafts, and not just the Glama Gurlz... so we're going to have quite a nice mix tonight. Should be FUN!!!!

Anyways, I gotta run, clean house, and run some errands today - gotta get a white dress shirt for CY4's band performance tomorrow. I thought I got the right shirt, but it wasn't... boo hoo... I also want to check out Long's Drugs... they got a great sale going on - on Paper Plates especially!! Woooo Hoooo...

Ok, have an awesome Aloha Friday!!!

God Bless...