May 3, 2009

Christmas Challenge Week #15

Hey there... Good Morning Monday!!! It's that time again for another Christmas Challenge, and we're on week #15. Way cool, huh?!?! This time around, we had a color challenge thrown our way. This is the image that Maria took the colors from. From looking at the photo, I 1st wrote down the colors that are pretty much used throughout the photo. Here is what I got: Teal, Rose Red, Gold, Peach, and Green.

At first, I had the urge to use Teal as the dominant color of my card.... but I had issues about how I was going to do my card's layout. I knew I wanted to use some kinda embossing folder, but wasn't sure which one, or even if it was going to be the main focal point of my card. Fortunately, it just worked out that way. =0) But what I used was this Color Core card stock, which I purchased from Photo Craft. It is a pack of card stock, that comes in a pack called "The Chocolate Box". I guess because most colors are dark n' yummy, and the core of the card is a totally different color than white. So this chocolate card stock that I embossed my tree on, had a core color of peach/pink. To emphasize the color of the core, I sanded my card stock. Oh soooo yummy, huh!?!? I then added dew drops of the colors that I pointed out, and adhered it to the tree. I used a gold ribbon to add a bow to the bottom of the tree's bark. Then took some gold stickles and dotted them all over the tree. I then adhered the layer of the tree to teal card stock.

I've taken a closer shot of my card at a different angle, and look what I got in the photo?! A pic of my nails!!! LOL!!!!

Yep... I had my nails n' toes done in by my girl, Lina today!!! My girlfriend Tiffany is getting married THIS WEEKEND!!! Oh MY!!! I'm soooo excited!!! She is like my kid sister... gosh, I have several kid sisters (not in real life, just in heart), but it's like seeing my kid sister grow up and I'm sooo proud of her!! I'm also a lot more excited for her, than she is. LOL... probably because all the stress she had to go through putting her wedding together. It's ok, girl... it's almost time!!! Then the real fun will start, right?!??!

Anyways, I went to the nail salon today, got my nails n' toes done, and invite Lina to stop by my blog to check out all of the photos I've taken of my nails whenever I get it done by her. So "Hi Lina!!!! Pretty Neat Huh?!?!". If you'd like to see all those times I had my nails designed by Lina, just type "nails" in the search box in the upper left hand corner of the very top of this blog, and click on "search blog", and all the postings that I've included a photo of my designed nails will show!! Or you could just click here. I loved looking back at all the different designs Lina made for me.... they are all so pretty!! The design that she did for me this time is exactly what I wanted too!! There was a guy in the nail salon sitting next to me, getting a pedicure, and he looked over at Lina as she was adding designs to my big toe (same design), and he goes, "she's got skillz!!!"... I was smiling from head to toe, knowing that the best girl in that shop was working on me!!! Anyways, here a shot of all 5 of my fingers....

Don't forget to check out the Christmas blog to see what the other Diva's designed with this color combo. I'm off to bed now... nighty night!!