April 28, 2009

Tuesday Two Scoops Rice Designs Day!!

Hahhaa... what's going on, Jen?!?! Well, I have declared - here on my own blog, that every Tuesdays, I will post creations made with Two Scoops Rice Designs images. I have been looking around for challenges, and I already have the Christmas one on Monday's, so I'm going to host this TSRD one on Tuesdays!!! So, all day, I will create with TSRD images... and if you wanna play along, just link your creation to this post, and I will also post it to my blog. =0) I only have this creation so far, however, if I have some time today - I will create some more of these TSRD creations.

This is a shaker card. What's with the fascination of shaker cards as of lately, huh?! I've seen a spurt of of popping up everywhere on all the Aloha Bloggers. I was trying to resist the temptation of creating one - but alas!! It smacked me right in the head. LOL.... I've made one using Maria's method - a CD/DVD envelope. It's so easy - the window is already made for you. So you just decorate, fill n' create the rest of your card. I'm going to try one with my Cricut. I think the Tags, Bags, Boxes n' More cartridge has a "shaker box" on there... so maybe that'll be what I work on next. But if I want to create anything else, I better hurry - I only have a few more hours as Cy gets outtah school today - and I'm heading down to J's Knicknacks to ck out his HUGE 30% storewide sale. Hopefully I'll run into Wini there... hee hee... it's always a surprise when we tell each other we "might" be there, and then see each other there after all. Kinda like it's planned, but not planned?! LOL!!! Well, I don't need anything else to add to my collection of things, but you watch, when I get there... it'll be a whole different story!!!

Ok, gotta go, because I wanna create a few more TSRD stuffs before I leave... hope you play along with me... it'll be fun - maybe I'll throw in a lil' prize for those that play....

Oh!!! the image I've used on this project is called "Balancing Act".